Contrafacts Sorted by Original Song
Original Song Original Composer Contrafact Contrafact Composer Year Org.
A Foggy Day George Gershwin Deep People Jimmy Giuffre   1937
A Honeysuckle Rose A Fats Waller Merry-Go-Round Charlie Parker 1948 1929
    Tail Feathers Charlie Parker 1955 1928
A Night in Tunisia Dizzy Gillespie Intoit Stan Getz   1942
    Liberia John Coltrane 1964 1941
A Perdido, A Juan Tizol Klacktoveesedstene Charlie Parker 1947 A 1942
After You've Gone Turner Layton Straight Life Art Pepper   1918
All God's Chillun Got Rhythm Bronislaw KaperWalter JurmannGus Kahn Coffee Pot J. J. Johnson   1937
    Little Willie Leaps Miles Davis 1947 1937
    Mayreh Horace Silver   1937
    Never Felt That Way Before Sonny Stitt   1937
    Reets And I Benny Harris, Bud Powell   1937
    Suburban Eyes Ike Quebec 1947 1937
All of Me Gerald MarksSeymour Simons Background Music Warne Marsh 1955 1931
All the Things You Are Jerome Kern Ablution Lennie Tristano   1939
    All The Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud's Wife Was Your Mother Charles Mingus 1961 1939
    Anatomy Mal Waldron 1957 1939
    Bird of Paradise Charlie Parker 1947 1939
    Boston Bernie Dexter Gordon 1969 1939
    I Want More Dexter Gordon 1960 1939
    Jahbero (Latin) Tadd Dameron   1939
    Prince Albert Kenny Dorham   1939
As Long As I Live Harold Arlen Ballade Charlie ParkerColeman Hawkins 1950 1933
Oh Lady Be Good B George Gershwin Klacktoveesedstene Charlie Parker 1947 B 1924
Back Home Again in Indiana James F. Hanley Back Home in Brooklyn with Donna Arun Luthra 2009 1917
    Ice Freezes Red Fats Navarro   1917
    Ju-Ju Lennie Tristano   1917
    Re-Re Bob Mintzer   1917
Blue Skies Irving Berlin In Walked Bud Thelonious Monk 1947 1926
Blues For Alice Charlie Parker Freight Trane Tommy Flanagan   1951
    Jack Sprat Sonny Stitt   1951
Cherokee Ray Noble Apache Dance George Coleman 1978 1938
    Blue Serge Serge Chaloff 1946 1938
    Brown Skins  Gigi Gryce 1953 1938
    Cochise Alvin Batiste   1938
    Ko-Ko Charlie Parker 1945 1938
    Kokochee Teddy Charles   1938
    Marshmallow Warne Marsh   1938
    Parker 51 Jimmy Raney 1951 1938
    The injuns Donald Byrd   1938
    The Red Tornado Red Rodney   1938
    Warmin Up a Riff Charlie Parker 1945 1938
    Zog's Jog James Morrison   1938
Come Rain or Come Shine Harold Arlen Come Fog Don Grolnick   1946
Conception George Shearing Deception Miles Davis   1950
Confirmation Charlie Parker 26-2 John Coltrane 1960 1946
    Denial Miles Davis   1946
    Doujie Walz Wes Montgomery   1946
    Juicy Lucy Horace Silver   1946
    Meteor ` 1956 1946
    Striver's Row Sonny Rollins 1957 1946
    Weeja Elmo Hope 1956 1946
Darn That Dream Jimmy Van Heusen Psalm Jimmy Halperin   1939
Dinah Harry Akst Hanid Coleman Hawkins 1958 1925
Don't Take Your Love From Me Henry Nemo Cardboard Charlie Parker 1949 1941
Easy to Love Cole Porter Twelve Peter Erskine 2000 1934
Embraceable You George Gershwin Meandering Charlie Parker 1945 1930
    Quasimodo Charlie Parker 1947 1928
Exactly Like You A Jimmy McHugh Leap Frog Charlie Parker 1950 A 1930
Fine and Dandy Kay Swift Bebop Romp Fats Navarro 1947 1930
    Dextrose Dexter Gordon 1947 1930
    Keen and Peechy Woody Herman 1947 1930
    Sax of a Kind Lee KonitzWarne Marsh   1930
Get Happy Harold Arlen Cohn Pone Al CohnNick Travis   1930
Giant Steps John Coltrane Dear John Freddie Hubbard 1990 1959
    Do You Hear the Voices You Left Behind? John McLaughlin   1959
    Monk/Trane John Patitucci 2009 1959
    Third Event Arun Luthra   1959
Gone With the Wind Allie Wrubel Transfiguration Gigi Gryce 1956 1937
Good Bait* Tadd Dameron Infinity Promenade Shorty Rogers   1944
Green Dolphin Street Bronislau Kaper Green St. Caper Woody Shaw   1947
Hey Joe Billy Roberts Because Of Guns Vijay Iyer 2003 1962
Honeysuckle Rose Fats Waller Boneology J. J. Johnson 1946 1929
    Let's Call This Thelonious Monk   1929
    Marmaduke Charlie Parker 1948 1928
    Throckmorton The Plumber Charlie Parker 1954 1928
    Tukki-Wukki Charlie Parker 1954 1928
Honeysuckle Rose; bridge I Got Rhythm Fats WallerGeorge Gershwin Scrapple From the Apple Charlie Parker 1947 1929
How About You? Burton Lane Garage Band Arun Luthra   1941
How Deep is The Ocean Irving Berlin Now He Beats The Drum,Now He Stops Chick Corea   1932
How High The Moon Morgan Lewis Lennie-Bird Lennie Tristano   1940
    Ornithology Charlie ParkerBenny Harris 1946 1940
    Satellite John Coltrane 1964 1940
I Didn't Know What Time It Was Richard Rodgers Raeba Jimmy Halperin   1939
I Found A Million Dollar Baby Harry Warren Leap Frog Charlie Parker 1950 B 1931
I Get A Kick Out Of You Cole Porter That's My Kick Erroll Garner 1967 1934
I Got Rhythm George Gershwin Merry-Go-Round Charlie Parker 1948 B 1930
    52nd Street Theme Thelonious Monk 1944 1930
    An Oscar For Treadwell Charlie Parker 1950 1930
    Anthropology / Thriving on a Riff Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie 1945 1930
    Apple Jump Dexter Gordon 1976 1930
    Blue's Theme Blue Mitchell 1966 1930
    C.T.A. Jimmy Heath   1930
    Celerity Charlie Parker 1950 1930
    Celia Bud Powell   1930
    Chasin' The Bird Charlie Parker 1947 1930
    Chasm Julian Adderley   1930
    Chippie Ornette Coleman   1930
    Chronology Ornette Coleman 1959 1930
    Constellation Charlie Parker 1948 1930
    Cottontail (alt. Cotton Tail and Hot Chocolate) Duke Ellington 1940 1930
    Deltitnu Gigi Gryce 1954 1930
    Dexterity Charlie Parker 1947 1930
    Dizzy Atmosphere Dizzy Gillespie 1945 1930
    Don't Be That Way

Benny GoodmanEdgar SampsonMitchell Parish

    Finger Poppin' Horace Silver 1959 1930
    Flintstones Theme Hoyt Curtin 1961 1930
    For Regulars Only Dexter Gordon   1930
    Fox Hunt Maynard Ferguson   1930
    Fungi Mama Blue Mitchell   1930
    Good Bait Tadd DameronCount Basie 1944 1930
    Jay Bird J. J. Johnson 1946 1930
    Jay Jay J. J. Johnson 1946 1930
    Kamman's A' Comin' Oscar Pettiford   1930
    Kim Charlie Parker 1952 1930
    Lester Leaps In Lester Young 1939 1930
    Little Benny (aka Crazeology, Bud's Bubble) Benny Harris, Bud Powell   1930
    Little Rootie Tootie Thelonious Monk   1930
    Moose The Mooche Charlie Parker 1946 1930
    Oleo Sonny Rollins 1945 1930
    One Night Stan Alison Young 2016 1930
    Ow! Dizzy Gillespie 1947 1930
    Passport Charlie Parker 1949 1930
    Red Cross Charlie Parker 1944 1930
    Rhythm-a-Ning Thelonious Monk 1957 1930
    Room 608 Horace Silver   1930
    Salt Peanuts Dizzy Gillespie 1942 1930
    Segment Charlie Parker 1949 1930
    Seven, Come Eleven Charlie ChristianBenny Goodman   1930
    Shaw 'Nuff Charlie ParkerDizzy Gillespie 1945 1930
    Split Feelin's (Latin) Hank Mobley 1960 1930
    Steeplechase Charlie Parker 1948 1930
    Suspone Mike Stern   1930
    Swedish Schnapps Charlie Parker 1951 1930
    Swing Spring Miles Davis 1954 1930
    Tangibility Arun Luthra   1930
    The Bridge Sonny Rollins 1962 1930
  George and Ira Gershwin The Eternal Triangle Sonny Stitt 1957 1930
    The Theme Miles Davis   1930
    Throckmorton The Plumber Charlie Parker 1954 1930
    Tippin' Horace Silver 1956 1930
    Tukki-Wukki Charlie Parker 1954 1930
    Wail Bud Powell   1930
    Wake Up! Gigi Gryce 1956 1930
    Wells Fargo Wilbur Harden   1930
    Wolf Talk aka Wolf's Talk Gigi Gryce 1955 1930
I Love You Cole Porter I Hate You Tete Montoliu 1977 1944
    Two in Love Jack Cooper 2000 1944
I Should Care Axel Stordahl and Paul Weston And I Do Jim Hall 1985 1944
I'll Remember April Gene de Paul And She Remembers Me Tal Farlow 1954 1942
  Gene de Paul Reunion Aka Salute to Birdland/ Salute to the Bandbox (Latin) Gigi Gryce 1954 1942
In Your Own Sweet Way Dave Brubeck Sweet Thing Rory Stuart   1955
Indiana   Donna Lee Miles Davis 1947  
It Could Happen to You Jimmy Van Heusen Fried Bananas Dexter Gordon   1944
It's You or No One Jule Styne It's You Lee Konitz 1996 1963
    Off the Cuff Jim McNeely   1963
Ja-Da - Partly Bob Carleton Doxy Sonny Rollins 1957 1918
Jeepers Creepers Harry Warren Four Brothers Jimmy Giuffre 1947 1938
    My Little Suede Shoes (Latin) Charlie Parker 1951 1938
    Tour de Force Dizzy Gillespie   1938
Just in Time Jule Styne Meiji Stunt Jim McNeely   1956
Just You, Just Me Jesse Greer Evidence Thelonious Monk   1929
    Mad Be Bop J. J. Johnson 1946 1929
    Spotlite Coleman Hawkins   1929
Lady Bird Tadd Dameron Half Nelson Miles Davis 1947 1939
Like Someone In Love Jimmy Van Heusen Contrafact Walter Smith III 2018 1944
Love for Sale Cole Porter Ezz-Thetic George Russell   1930
Love Me Or Leave Me Walter Donaldson Get It Bud Powell 1957 1928
    Lullaby Of Birdland George Shearing 1952 1928
  Walter Donaldson On The Minute John Eardley 1961 1928
Lover Richard Rodgers Diggin' Diz Dizzy Gillespie   1932
    The Protagonist Jack Cooper   1932
Lover” (modified)   Smoke Signal Gigi Gryce 1955 1932
Lover, Come Back to Me Sigmund Romberg Bean and The Boys Coleman Hawkins 1948 1928
    Bird Gets the Worm Charlie Parker 1947 1928
    Quicksilver Horace Silver   1928
Night And Day Cole Porter Fuchsia Swing Song Sam Rivers   1932
    Out a Day Franck Amsallem   1932
Oh, Lady Be Good George Gershwin Fats Blows Fats Navarro 1947 1924
    Hackensack BBC (1965) Thelonious Monk   1924
    Dewey Square Charlie Parker 1947 1924
    Rifftide Coleman Hawkins   1924
    Moodamorphosis Gil FullerDave Burns   1924
On Green Dolphin Street Bronislau Kaper Yellow Dolphin Street Tete Montoliu 1977 1947
Out of Nowhere Johnny Green 317 East 32nd Street Lennie Tristano 1952 1931
    Ahma See Ya Ted Curson 1961 1931
    Casbah (Latin) Tadd Dameron   1931
    Jayne (Latin! 1958) Ornette Coleman   1931
    Nostalgia Fats Navarro   1931
    San(s) Souci (Latin) Gigi Gryce 1955 1931
Pennies from Heaven Arthur Johnston Lennie's Pennies Lennie Tristano   1936
    You're Not The Kind Gigi Gryce 1956 1936
Perdido Juan Tizol Tail? (Bird) Feathers Charlie Parker 1955 1940
Rose Room Art HickmanHarry Williams In a Mellow Tone Duke Ellington 1939 1917
Rosetta Earl Hines Shelley Red Rodney   1939
Rosetta, except measure two Earl Hines Yardbird Suite Charlie Parker 1940 1939
S Wonderful George Gershwin Frantic Fancies Bud Powell   1927
  George Gershwin Stupendous Mel Broiles   1927
September in the Rain Harry Warren On a Misty Night Tadd Dameron   1937
So What Miles Davis Impressions John Coltrane 1961 1959
Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise Sigmund Romberg Infra Rae Hank Mobley   1928
    One Liners Mike Stern   1928
    Soflee Gene Bertoncini 1992 1928
    Walk, Don't Run Johnny Smith 1954 1928
Someday My Prince Will Come Frank Churchill Waltz New Jim Hall   1937
Stompin' At the Savoy Edgar Sampson Birdland Stomp Herb Geller 1987 1934
    Byas a Drink Don Byas   1934
    Relaxin' With Lee Charlie Parker 1950 1934
    The Kangaroo Les Paul 1953 1934
Strike Up The Band George Gershwin Tale Of The Fingers Paul Chambers   1927
Summertime George Gershwin Four On Six Wes Montgomery 1960 1934
Sweet Georgia Brown Ben BernieMaceo Pinkard Bright Mississippi Thelonious Monk 1961 1925
    Dig Miles Davis 1951 1925
    Sub-Atomic Dominant Jimmy Halperin   1925
    Sweet Clifford Clifford Brown   1925
    Teapot J. J. Johnson   1925
Tadd's Delight (aka Sid's Delight) Tadd Dameron Lex Donald Byrd 1960 1949
Take the A Train Billy Strayhorn Dextivity Dexter Gordon 1947 1939
  Billy Strayhorn Rhodomagnetics Wilbur Harden   1939
Tenderly Walter GrossJack Lawrence Serene Eric Dolphy   1946
The Song is You Jerome Kern The Man From Hyde Park Harold Mabern   1932
The Way You Look Tonight Jerome Kern Klaunstance Charlie Parker 1947 1936
There Is No Greater Love Isham Jones Coupe de Ville Mike Stern   1936
There Will Never Be Another You Harry Warren Futurity Gigi Gryce   1942
    Not You Again John Scofield   1942
    Smog Eyes Ted Brown 1956 1942
    Split Kick Horace Silver   1942
Topsy Edgar BattleEddie Durham The Bird Charlie Parker 1947 1938
Tune Up Miles Davis Countdown John Coltrane   1953
Twilight Time Al NevinsBuck Ram Confirmation Charlie Parker 1945 1945
Wave Antônio Carlos Jobim Mirror Lake Idrees Sulieman   1967
  Antônio Carlos Jobim Tide Antônio Carlos Jobim 1970 1967
Well, You Needn't Thelonious Monk I Didn't Miles Davis 1955 1944
What Is This Thing Called Love? Cole Porter Barry's Bop Fats Navarro 1947 1929
    Fifth House John Coltrane   1929
    Hot House Tadd Dameron 1945 1929
    Subconscious Lee Lee Konitz   1929
    Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am Charles Mingus 1961 1929
    What Love? Charles Mingus   1929
What's New? Bob Haggart Translation Lucky Thompson 1956 1939
When I Grow Too Old To Dream Oscar HammersteinSigmund Romberg Charlie's Wig Charlie Parker 1947 1934
Whispering Vincent Rose Groovin' High Dizzy Gillespie 1945 1920
Woody'n You Dizzy Gillespie Omicron (Afro) Donald Byrd 1956 1943
Yardbird Suite Charlie Parker A Night At Tony’s Gigi Gryce 1953 1940
Yesterdays Jerome Kern Vodka Mal Waldron   1933
You Can Depend on Me Charles CarpenterLouis DunlapEarl Hines Wow Lennie Tristano 1949 1931
You Stepped Out of a Dream Nacio Herb Brown Chick's Tune (transcription) Chick Corea   1940
    Dream Step Dick Oatts   1940
    Dream Stepper Lee Konitz   1940
    Lee's Dream Fred Hersch   1940
    Motion Jimmy Raney 1954 1940
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To Cole Porter Feather Bed Ted Brown   1943
You've Changed Bill CareyCarl Fischer I've Changed Gary Smulyan 2017 1941