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Pseudo-Classes, Pseudo-Elements, Subclasses, Forgotten styles, Crazy Styles, ...
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J I s n 't   t h i s   c u t e ö õ
I am   the purple   people eater  

double underline and double overline

first-letter applies to the first letter

first-line applies to the first line
only of a paragraph

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Copyright Donald Mouse and Mickey Duck

  • first-letter: P:first-letter {font-size: 18pt; vertical-align: text-bottom; color: red;}
  • first-line: P:first-line {font-size: 24pt; vertical-align: text-top; color: purple;}
  • first-child: P:first-child {font-size: 12pt; vertical-align: baseline; color: #FFFF00;}
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